The New Essentials

The New Essentials bring a mix of effortlessly energetic, soulful sounds from Austin Texas. 

Founded in 2018 by Mike Donello and a collective of versatile musicians and singers, The New Essentials are multi-instrumentalists that add a fun energy to any type of event and venue. The current quartet features singer/songwriters Mike Donello, Chris Hawkes, Matt Creaton, and saxophonist/ bassist, Houston Rawls. 

Sounds of reggae and ukulele, blues guitar and pop harmonies, cajon and djembe —all passed around— create a unique, texture-filled experience. 

Connect with us for public and private events and see our upcoming schedule below!

Previous events

Mike Donello & the New Essentials

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Red Poppy Festival, Georgetown, TX

Join Mike & the New Essentials as they kick off this wonderful Sunday afternoon in Georgetown! All concerts are free! No tickets needed. The Red Poppy Festival has hosted a who’s who of artists and bands throughout the last few decades and this year promises to be better than ever. With live performances, all three stages will be heating up and turning out the good time vibes. There’s nothing better than a Sunday Funday, except for one spent at the Red Poppy Festival. Wind down the weekend with one last wander through the artisan market and raise a toast of local fare to the smooth sounds of a well-played weekend.